About Us

 Exclusive Properties – (registered since 1999) it is a group of real estate agents, professional estimators, and businessmen who with the years of their own experience learned to find the best Solutions in Cyprus Property market. We have a vast selection of the best possible variants to invest and to live in Cyprus. We are ready to share with You our experience to take the best possible real estate decisions!
Highest Quality Standards – Our business approach is to find the Best Price/Quality combinations. According to this principles we choose the Best Proposals of the Best Suppliers to offer it to your chose.
We choose the best locations – Some parts of Limassol are better suited for higher quality living than others. For investors, property prices in certain areas tend to rise faster.
We work only with the Developers having proven reputation. The level of construction quality is linked, to a great extent, to construction techniques. Our rule is to work only with the true professional developers who use the latest techniques in the industry and guarantee the highest possible quality for the competitive prices. With this advantages you might expect to pay a premium price for our properties. And yet, shop around, and you will discover that we provide really competitive prices for our properties.
Excellent Customer Service We provide Comprehensive pre- and after-sales service -starting with the presale legal and financial consultations and showing the best market proposals and finishing with after-sales help to:
• secure guaranteed rental income and look after your residents, if you intend to lease your property.
• buy for your house and office the furniture, electrical appliances, health care, education information, even getting electricity and water accounts transferred into your name, etc.
Customer-Oriented Approach -The customer is our Partner
Exclusive Properties is a customer driven company. As a prospective homeowner you are on the verge of making a serious decision. You have valid questions and concerns. We’re here to listen to you and to offer reassurance by answering your questions honestly and accurately, and by keeping you fully informed throughout the purchase process. Everything revolves around our customer’s needs, strategies for growth and numerous support services.
Credibility & Security
Exclusive Properties guarantees Clear terms, secure title deeds, and legal clearance of all our property. For this reasons we check thoroughly every provided item and give the official papers for it.
Property Valuations
We undertake valuations of all types of property (Freehold or Leasehold Interest) for purposes including Finance, Sale/Purchase, Compulsory Purchase, Tax and Asset Valuation.
Property Investments Consulting
We carry out Feasibility and Viability studies giving advice on Property development projects. In this way we identify whether a proposed project is viable, estimate the level of Profits, if any, and advice the client accordingly.
Our work is not only to find the best prices for the customers but also to help You to negotiate and get the best loan terms from the banks, reduce legal expanses –some kinds of taxes, title payments, ets.
For us the business is not about figures –it about people, and we are not here just to complete the deal but also to make friendships that last.
Please have a look around our website, where you can find properties for sale and properties for rent in Limassol land other areas of Cyprus.